measurement chart

  Use the instructions in “how to take accurate measurements” and the chart below to determine your anniway pattern size. NB: The following chart is a body measurement chart. It does determine your clothing size! Use your chest circumference to determine the pattern size for tops (jackets, blouses, etc.) and your hip circumference to determine the pattern size for bottoms (skirts, pants, etc.).
size chest circumference waist circumference hip circumference
32 79-81cm 63-65cm 88-90cm
34 82-84cm 66-68cm 91-93cm
36 85-87cm 69-71cm 94-96cm
38 88-91cm 72-75cm 97-100cm
40 92-95cm 76-79cm 101-104cm
42 96-99cm 80-83cm 105-108cm
44 100-105cm 84-89cm 109-113,5cm
46 106-111cm 90-95cm 114,5-119cm
48 112-117cm 96-101cm 120-124,5cm
50 118-123cm 102-107cm 125,5-130cm
52 124-129cm 108-113cm 131-135,5cm
54 130-135cm 114-119cm 136,5-141cm
56 136-142cm 120-126cm 142-147,5cm