how to take accurate measurements




It is important for both the multi-size and the custom size patterns that you measure yourself properly.  This is the only way to guarantee that you can choose the right pattern size or that I can alter a pattern for you (custom size) and that your finished garment has the right fit.

Below are illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you take accurate measurements. Check to to see which measurements are necessary for the pattern you have chosen – you only need to take these measurements.

It is easier for someone else to take your measurements. The results are also more accurate. The person being measured should be wearing a leotard or a bodysuit. Take your time when measuring – accurate measurements determine a good fitting garment.

Take care that the measuring tape is not too tight when measuring. When measuring a circumference, a finger should fit between the measuring tape and the body.



Tie a ribbon or elastic around your waist. This is to determine the waist level. The ribbon should be comfortable – not too tight but also not hanging too loosely. The ribbon should sit horizontally on the body. Stand comfortably (normal posture).

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